COURTOIS Champagne


This family-firm was founded in 1971, and our first wine came to be in 1973. We are located in Crouttes sur Marne, the first village in the Vallée de la Marne, 70 kilometres east of Paris.
Right from the beginning, our parents chose to be artisan winemakers, all the stages of the production of our wines are carried out on the premises, thus preserving the expression of our terroir and marking each wine with our own touch.
Fresh, sensual, elegant and gourmet, each wine will charm both occasional consumers and connoisseurs…


[the unique combination of local soils and local climatic conditions]
Our different plots are located in three communes; Crouttes on Marne, represents 68% of our surface area, Charly on Marne 12% and saint Denis 20% . The cradle of winemaking is located in our cellar in Crouttes sur Marne, the furthest plot are only 2kms from it.
Regarding the western part of the Vallée de la Marne, the hillsides have a clay-limestone subsoil (Marne) bringing unctuousity, persistence and vivacity to our wines.
On the other hand, at the bottom of the hillsides between the villages of Crouttes sur Marne and Charly sur Marne, the subsoil is composed mainly of sand, bringing fluidity and lightness to our wines.
The blending of our wines from our different plots is a reflection of the terroir of our beautiful region.


The pressing is carried out using a 6,000-Kg pneumatic press.
Following the harvest, our wines are aged in stainless steel vats for about 8 months.
We allow malolactic fermentation to occur naturally.

Next the bottling takes place, usually during the spring period following the previous harvest. We then give our wines the required time to calmly age on laths between 4 and 7 years, depending on the wine, before being marketed.

It is only after this time of ageing in the cellar that we finish our wines, the time for disgorgement has arrived.
The level of dosage determines whether a champagne wine is extra-brut, brut or demi-sec.

Dosage liqueur generally contains 500-750 grams of sugar per litre.
The quantity added varies according to the style of Champagne:
– Doux more than 50 grams of sugar per litre
– Demi-sec 32-50 grams of sugar per litre
– Sec 17-32 grams of sugar per litre
– Extra dry 12-17 grams of sugar per litre
– Brut less than 12 grams of sugar per litre
– Extra brut 0-6 grams of sugar per litre

“Brut nature”, “pas dosé” ou “dosage zéro” contains zero dosage and less than 3 grams sugar per litre